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by James Viser
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Lie Merchants by James Viser
James Viser
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It's Not Just an Action-Thriller, LIE MERCHANTS is a Warning!

LIE MERCHANTS is an electrifying action-thriller set in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. After reading LIE MERCHANTS, you will never look at the world the same way again. LIE MERCHANTS will turbo-charge your e-reading experience, compelling you to turn the pages as fast as you can to the surprise ending that guaranteed you will NOT guess!

In LIE MERCHANTS, real estate executive Tom Worth is shoved off his executive perch and thrust into a fringe world of extremists, finding himself at the epicenter of a plot to strike America's heartland. Only Tom, FBI agent Susan Black and the Centennial State Volunteers stand against America's enemies, both foreign and domestic.

The LIE MERCHANTS storyline takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride from Castle Pines, to Colorado Springs, Denver, Taos, Afghanistan, Dubai, Washington DC, Mazatlan and Zurich.

BE PREPARED, this book grabs you from the first chapter and then never lets you go, confronting the reader with controversy from the start. If you can handle the action, you WILL be entertained.


I wrote this warning about LIE MERCHANTS after speaking with several people who I trust. I want to give this warning before you buy the book, as truth in advertising.

First, based on some of my blog posts about true patriotism and the pursuit of Happiness, some spiritually-inclined folks looking for a feel-good novel might be misled. Make no mistake, LIE MERCHANTS contains some very ugly scenes. It is about war and with that comes violence, death and terror. Not everyone likes to read about those things, especially during an age of so much conflict. But, that is the reality of our world today and I wanted to write about how higher values can live and breathe even in a world at war. Spiritually-inclined readers might be turned off by the guns and blood, but they ignore reality at a price. If you don't believe that America has real enemies who are working right now to attack us, then you might not appreciate this book. In fact, reading about what could happen when evil walks up to your front door with an AK-47 might unsettle you. Especially if you knew that your consumption helped finance it.

Second, some of the reviews LIE MERCHANTS has received compared my work to Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Tom Clancy and other best-selling authors. I am flattered, but I am not them, not even close. Those guys are great writers and although I enjoy reading their books, I am not as skilled as they are. At least not yet. My writing has a very personal mission, and it compels me to complete the intended trilogy. It is true that in LIE MERCHANTS a lot of terrorists die in very interesting ways and I include descriptions of military hardware and what it does, but that's not the core message of the story. If all you want is a one-sided version of our nation's situation and don't believe that appearances are deceiving, then don't buy this book. It might challenge your notion of who is a "bad" guy and piss you off. So, spare yourself the angst and don't buy it.

Now that I got that all off my chest, I admit that I may have alienated two big target markets of spiritual readers and self-described patriots. Consequently, I might not become independently wealthy from the sales of LIE MERCHANTS. That's okay, I have a day job and I like it, and I get acceptance and approval from places other than my writing.

However, if you can deal with some discomfort and push through the parts of the book that might challenge your current sensibilities, then you might not only be entertained, but you might look at America a little differently tomorrow. Well, that's my hope.

Kind regards - James

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